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01.02. [News of the day] – 60,000 BTC from Bitfinex hack starts to move and othe articles

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Again huge luck in mining, is it even possible?

Intoxicated by unbelievable happiness, another miner is now. He managed to succeed and extract the block. This is a great luck in mining pools nowadays, as miners who do not cluster in pools have little computing power, so in some cases they can wait more than a hundred years to extract a block. The lucky guy made more than $ 240,000 this morning, or 6.25 BTC.

In today’s case, but it wasn’t literally a bit, this independent miner has a 1.4PH hashrate, and that’s really a force. Even so, he can rejoice, as his chances of extracting the current bloc have been estimated at 20%. So we can still talk about great happiness.

The $ 2.5 billion stolen from BTC from a previous Bitfinex hack is starting to wake up

Some of the inactive BTC stolen in 2016 during the hacking of the Bitfinex exchange today moved from hackers’ wallets to an unknown wallet, as found by the Whale Alerts robot for blockchain analysis.

This morning, 64,641 BTCs worth almost $ 2.5 billion were transferred. That’s more than half the total amount stolen by hackers, which is estimated at about 120,000 BTC.

The wallet address that received these stolen BTCs now contains more than 90,000 BTC worth about $ 3.6 billion.

While it is impossible to determine the exact purpose of why hackers move BTC, speculators think they may plan to scare investors into selling their BTCs.

Otherwise, if they want to sell them, investors will surely be scared to death. Such a volume of BTC would make a nice candle down in the current market, down to somewhere unseen. Or don’t you think so? Tell us what would happen if someone wanted to sell 120,000 BTC now.

Kanye West coughs on the NFT

In a humorous Instagram post, Kanye West said, “Don’t ask me to do a fucking NFT.”

Source: Instagram Kanye West

Did he disappoint you as a crypto fan, or do you cough up his opinion? Do you agree with him?

Meta is a member of COPA

By joining COPA, Meta will become one of 30 other companies that have pledged not to enforce their “basic cryptocurrency patents.”

The Crypto Open Patent Alliance (COPA) welcomed Meta as a member, which has committed to making its basic crypto patents available to all.

Meta, formerly Facebook, has joined COPA, a group that advocates public patents for crypto and blockchain-related technologies.

COPA General Manager Max Sills describes “basic patents” as any “technology that enables the creation, mining, storage, transfer, settlement, integrity or security of cryptocurrencies.”

By creating associations and requiring member firms to contribute their patents to the collective patent library, COPA hopes to stimulate blockchain innovation and reduce the risk of patent litigation.

Jack Dorsey, co-founder of Twitter, praised Meta for saying “it’s great.” Dorsey has stated several times that the crypto market is best served if the interests of all, not just the rich, are met.

That’s all there is to the news today, thank you for your support.

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