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02.02. [News of the day] US debt is brutal compared to BTC and other articles

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All BTC in the world would pay only 2.43% of the US national debt.

So in this comparison, we get the alarming fact that the US economy is incredibly over-indebted. The total US national debt is now 4,000% higher than the market capitalization of BTC.

The current debt of the United States has exceeded a beautiful $ 30 trillion.

According to official statistics the US debt is at record levels and for the first time this week exceeded the psychological limit of 30 trillion dollars.

The new malware targets MetaMask and 40 other cryptocurrencies

Today, the world is being warned about new malware that aims to steal cryptocurrencies from wallets. It focuses on the very popular extensions to Chrome MetaMask and Coinbase Wallet.

Security has never been a strength of cryptocurrencies in the browser. Now it’s even worse that by targeting Metamask, they can gain access to all possible chains, including the popular Binance Chain.

The developers named this malware Mars Stealer and it is described as Trojan Horse 2.0. It targets more than 40 browser wallets with popular 2-factor authentication (2FA) extensions with a grabber function that steals users’ private keys.

So far, the following malware attacks have been reported:

MetaMask, Nifty Wallet, Coinbase Wallet, MEW CX, Ronin Wallet, Binance Chain Wallet and TronLink.

One security expert notes that malware can target extensions in Chromium-based browsers (Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Brave), in addition to Opera and Firefox.

Hackers currently sell Mars Stealer for $ 140 on the dark-web, which means that virtually anyone can buy it.

Therefore, we recommend that you install only trusted and known programs and extensions or services. Otherwise, someone could catch you and put malware in some untrustworthy or malicious program. He then collects the necessary information, steals your wallet and quietly disappears with the money…

Co-founder of Diem stablecoin praises Bitcoin for its resistance to censorship

David Marcus of the Facebook crypto division, said he was a “big BTC fan” and in 2019 called it digital gold.

Shortly after Meta, formerly Facebook officially gave up the Diem project, some people from the project began to talk more and more loudly about the uncensored nature of BTC.

David Marcus with the Diem project – originally known as Libra on Twitter predicts that BTC will be the No. 1 asset in the next two decades

 “Basically, it’s unique and can never be replicated,” he added.

Salvador relaunches Chivo’s wallet and plans to deploy 1,500 BTC ATMs

Chivo’s government BTC wallets, designed for about 3 million people, are back in operation. The wallet has recently faced security and scalability issues.

During the first month after the establishment of the BTC as legal tender, President Nayib Bukele announced that Chivo already had 2.1 million Salvadorans, which accounted for 75% of the population at the end of the year.

In search of a lasting solution, the El Salvador government has teamed up with infrastructure provider AlphaPoint. Among other things, the project aims to deploy 1,500 BTC ATMs across the country to make BTC truly accessible. ”

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