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$ 1 billion transaction in BTC: Market Shock

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BTC shock 🙂

$1 Billion in BTC

Over the past few years, the cryptocurrency market has become considerably professional. The price catastrophe shook off all investors who were looking for quick earnings without knowing what they were doing. Many investors follow Whale Alerts on Twitter or Telegram. He monitors and automatically reports on large transactions.


And that is the problem for the fragile emotions of investors. They see huge cryptocurrency transactions towards the currency exchange, and they no longer realize that it is the cryptocurrency exchange itself.

Investor Shock Therapy: Huge cryptocurrency exchange BTC transactions

Many cryptocurrency exchanges still did not get used to reporting similar movements on Twitter or another social network. However, when they see $ 1 billion in BTC going to the currency exchange, the less calm sell immediately, creating avalanche effect. Whale Alerts is a shock to the whole market.

On social networks, these news rolls like an avalanche.

Investor Krisma wrote on Twitter that someone had moved 146,500 BTCs. Within hours he earned hundreds of likes and Retweets.

On Twitter, where everyone expects a huge decline in a matter of days, people have begun to overtake an apocalyptic vision.

And then CEO Bitfinex announced that the cryptocurrency market will not end a week in deep red numbers again. The exchange moved funds between its wallets.

The CEO promised to announce such moves forward in the future.

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