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14.10.[News of the day] • Visa plans to launch an NFT program to help creators and other articles

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Welcome to today’s overview of crypto news:


For the past few days, the primary cryptocurrency has been thriving, approaching $ 58,000 for the first time since mid-May. On the first try, however failed to exceed this value, and the bears drove her hard to the south yesterday. As we reported, BTC fell more than $ 3,000 during the day to a bottom of around $ 54,000. Nevertheless, the situation has changed again in the last 24 hours.

Instead of moving further south, BTC began to strengthen rapidly against the dollar. In a matter of hours, he recovered all his previous losses, and this time even exceeded the $ 58,000 mark. It was still rising, reaching an intraday high of over $ 58,500, which became the new highest price since mid-May. To date, BTC has retreated about $ 1,000.

Alternative coins also retreated yesterday, but most of them are in the green today. ETH fell below $ 3,500, but a 5.5% increase on a 24-hour scale drove it to $ 3,650.

BTC analysis – the price breaks $ 58,000 and growth continues even higher


Texas governor wants BTC in grocery stores

Lately, there seems to be a love story between Texas and BTC. The governor has already helped draft laws to support the development of the blockchain and has helped companies migrate to the state if they so choose.

In addition, the governor said that the crypto should be in all grocery stores. In his eyes, there are really no limits to digital currency, which is a good business card for the industry in this country.

There is even an official blockchain summit on the horizon for Texas. The governor has already met twice with the council behind this event, and once again showed his support for the sector.

China’s Zhejiang arrests GPU miners who make money on cryptocurrencies in government agencies

Zhejiang, one of several coastal Chinese provinces facing energy shortages, has launched an investigation into operations that use public resources to extract cryptocurrencies.

The cyberspace administration in Zhejiang said in a blog on Thursday that it had launched an investigation last month into those who are extracting cryptocurrencies within government and Communist Party agencies, state-owned enterprises, and public universities and research institutes.

The probe checked nearly 4,700 IP addresses in the province that are likely to be involved in cryptocurrency mining, the Zhejiang province said. Through 184 IP addresses, it located another 77 public entities that use public services and facilities to mine crypto assets, including BTC, ETH and others.

Banks, crypto exchanges, companies

Visa plans to launch an NFT program to help creators

Visa announced this on Wednesday, October 13, 2021, through a press release. The company said it would provide a link between the creators and the network of its payment partners, which would be beneficial for the former as it would expand the reach of their audience and support business growth.

Meanwhile, in a recent announcement, the company said it would select a group of creators to form first-class Visa through an open application process. The American company will sponsor this group and also offer consulting services.

SS Lazio becomes the official partner for the launch of the Binance fan tokens platform

The crypto exchange Binance revealed the launch of its fan token platform, with Lazio becoming its official partner and the first sports team to issue its token on the platform. In return, Binance will become the main sponsor of this football club’s jerseys.

The Lazio fan token (LAZIO), a utility coin that provides fans with a way to get involved in their favorite football team, will be released through the Binance Launchpad.

This initiative will help bring the club’s brand to the global field and create a more exciting experience for Lazio fans through fan engagement through a variety of unique and engagement-based rewards, interactivity, gamification and more.

CBDC, Regulation

The Digital Pound Foundation is launching to support the CBDC in the United Kingdom

A group of cryptocurrencies and companies are forming a new coalition to push for the UK to issue the central bank’s digital currency (CBDC).

The Digital Pound Foundation today announced its establishment to support the “introduction of a well-designed digital pound and digital money ecosystem”. Member companies include Accenture, Avalanche, Billon Group, CGI Group, Electroneum, Quant and Ripple.

“The Foundation will draw on the expertise and practical experience of its members in conducting research, promotion, ‘practical’ research projects and multi-stakeholder collaboration in the design, development, implementation and deployment of the digital pound as a means of securing the UK’s place in the emerging global digital environment,”

– stated in the notification.

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