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2,400% growth potential! – Analyst describes a promising and trustworthy altcoin!

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VeChain analysis

Investor and analyst Justin Bennett describes VeChain, which he says is at the beginning of a new phase of growth and could rise in price more than 20 times next year!

Can VeChain surprise us?

Trader and analyst Justin Bennett believes that cryptocurrency VeChain has great potential in 2022 to rise to a price of $ 3, which would mean a huge increase, namely up to 2400% from the current level.

Bennett argues that a gradual increase in the price of this altcoin could occur if BTC continues to grow and restore its all-time high, which was above $ 65,000. If that happens by the end of this year, then the VeChain award should arrive at least for $ 1.6.

Altcoin has hidden potential

The analyst said that the active phase of growth of this altcoin together with the growth and restoration of the historical maximum of BTC may last until March next year. In his opinion, the cryptocurrency can reach a price of about $ 2 to $ 3 during this period. VeChain is currently trading at $ 0.12. In the last days, the cryptocurrency has been growing and its capitalization is around $ 8 billion.

We remind you that VeChain is a platform based on blockchain, which, like ETH, for its work uses smart contracts, and plans to build a functional business system that will allow you to see transparent information between the manufacturer and the client (item tracking, quality control, etc.)

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