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26 companies are calling Valve to lift the ban on blockchain games

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The crypto gaming industry is constantly growing, so developers are looking for platforms to publish their blockchain games. Therefore, an open letter was created in which 26 companies asked the gaming company Valve to allow blockchain games on their Steam platform.

Ban of blockchain games on Steam

Fight for the Future Digital Rights Group, Blockchain Game Alliance, Enjin and 26 blockchain game companies have called Valve to reconsider its decision not to allow cryptocurrency-related content.

According to the company’s open letter, other groups are demanding that Valve reverse his decision to ban the entire category of blockchain games and NFTs. Steam updated its partner registration process on October 14 this year, stating that no similar technologies will be allowed.

The president of the Blockchain Game Alliance, Sebastien Borget, said the ban on blockchain games on Steam was:

“Blockchain games are a pioneer in a number of new concepts that will enliven the gaming industry for both players and publishers. Cutting off this fast-growing sector at such a crucial stage of development means ignoring the remarkable progress we have made this year. “

According to Fight for the Future, decentralized organizations and game developers can help make blockchain games more decentralized, democratic, with interactive player-focused features.

“Please consider changing your mind about this issue and allowing tokens and, more broadly, using blockchain technology on the Steam platform. Don’t ban blockchain-based games. “


Valve, behind the highly successful Half-Life game series, is facing criticism from game developers. While blockchain-related games are banned on Steam, some platforms welcome them. You can read the open letter “DON’T BAN WEB3 GAMES” with a list of all blockchain developers under the attached link HERE.

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