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27.09.[News of the day] • Gemini is aggressively hiring and offers more than 200 new jobs in the field of cryptocurrencies • and other articles

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Welcome to today’s overview of crypto news:


Unlike previous weekends, this weekend was not quiet for the BTC price. The cryptocurrency has just returned from Bear Friday, when it fell by $ 4,000 in minutes after the latest FUD statement from China. BTC tried to recover most of the losses on Saturday, the bulls drove it up to 43,000 USD, but Sunday started again with increased volatility.

BTC fell several thousand dollars and fell below $ 41,000 for the second time in two days. However, as the bears prepared to push it even lower, the situation changed. Within minutes, BTC rose sharply by about $ 3,000 and approached $ 44,000. Over the next few hours, the asset went further and briefly exceeded $ 44,000. From that moment on, he backed away slightly and stood just below her.

Most larger-capitalized altcoins mimic BTC’s performance since the end of last week. ETH fell sharply again below $ 2,800 yesterday, but an 11% increase drove it back to around $ 3,100.


Cardano (ADA) developers can now use Chainlink for better smart contracts

Cardano is expanding its development of smart decentralized finance (DeFi) contracts with a new partnership with Chainlink, which will provide ecosystem developers with an enhanced crypto asstet with its Oracle integration services.

This was announced by the parent company of the InputOutput (IOHK) blockchain project at Cardano Summit 2021. According to available partnership information, smart contract developers building on the Cardano platform should have access to Chainlink Oracle so that they can create their Defi smart contracts now.

Decentralized exchange tokens are booming as Chinese investors look for alternatives

According to CoinGecko, the price of the DYDX token, the dYdX Decentralized Exchange (DEX) control token, rose sharply by 35.9% during the day, reaching a new all-time high of $ 22.17.

The trading volumes mediated by this protocol also exceeded the trading volumes on the largest US centralized crypto exchange, Coinbase.

Antonio Juliano, founder of dYdX and a former Coinbase employee, said on Twitter on Sunday that he was “impressed by recent growth” and noted that this is the first time dYdX has surpassed Coinbase.

Banks, crypto exchanges, companies

Gemini is aggressively hiring and offering more than 200 new cryptocurrency-related jobs

According to a new report from Forbes magazine, Gemini is “growing rapidly” and “aggressively hiring,” with talent director Jonathon Tamblyn saying the stock market is currently looking for more than 200 new employees.

Tamblyn makes it clear that the company is not only looking for those with previous experience in the cryptocurrency sector, and explicitly states that this is not a condition.

The report comes with the continuing growth trend of the blockchain industry, which has more than doubled in the last year. This shift correlates with a remarkable change in employers’ recruitment priorities.

Huobi outlined a plan for Chinese investors after the cessation of cryptocurrency trading

The uncertainty caused by the blanket ban on cryptocurrency trading in China has taken hold as domestic crypto exchanges such as the Houbi are taking proactive measures to protect and return existing investments to mainland-based companies.

In an interview with Cointelegraph in this context, Du Jun, co-founder of the Huobi Group, said that the crypto exchange wants to ensure the security of users’ assets as part of its social responsibility.

With reference to the possibility of a communication gap with Chinese investors in the middle of the ban, the crypto exchange is also working on other ways to protect customers’ assets until users can move them to foreign exchanges or wallets.

CBDC, Regulation

The US Congress will vote this week on a controversial infrastructure law

The Speaker of the House of Representatives of the United States of America Nancy Pelosi confirmed that discussions will take place this week before the final vote on the controversial draft law on infrastructure.

A $ 1 trillion bill will be put to the vote on September 30, and the Speaker of the House of Representatives is confident that the bill will pass.

In a letter released by her office on Sunday, Pelosi said, according to Reuters, that the law, which will help finance road, bridge, airport, school and other construction projects, will be voted on for 4 days of debate.

The Canadian authorities are issuing warnings about a cryptocurrency marketing strategy

The Canadian Securities and Exchange Commission (CSA) and the Canadian Investment Industry Organization (IIROC) have highlighted the predatory marketing campaigns of crypto-trading platforms in Canada.

The marketing and advertising in which crypto-trading platforms are involved may violate applicable securities laws and may raise public investors’ concerns by using “gambling” -based promotions that promote risky trading.

According to Andrew Kriegler, President and CEO of IIROC, this must be reflected in the awareness of trading platforms. Kriegler promotes that all marketing and advertising must meet the requirements of fair and fair treatment of investors.

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