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37% of Texas residents want cryptocurrency payments

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The results of the latest Newsweek survey suggest that more than a third of the population of the US state of Texas wants cryptocurrency payments. Two regulations on cryptocurrencies have recently entered into force in the state. Businesses are slowly starting to accept digital payments.

Salvador, California and Texas and payments by cryptocurrencies

A new survey by the Newsweek news portal shows that up to 10.8 million Texas residents can support forthcoming legislation that will make cryptocurrencies legal in the next election. After California and New Jersey, the state is most prepared for the adoption of cryptocurrencies.

The survey says that 37% of Texans would vote for new measures to make cryptocurrency legal. The survey was also conducted among voters from California, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Virginia.

“Most voters who own cryptocurrencies cite the prospects for high returns and personal interest as the main reasons for their investments. Greater education about cryptocurrencies could potentially get voters to invest. ”

Texas has become attractive to cryptocurrency miners, due to its vast sources of renewable energy and a freely regulated energy network. Several blockchain companies were established in the state, and the state commercial code was also amended to recognize cryptocurrencies under commercial law.


Will Texas become New Salvador? Certainly not in the near future. However, the adoption of cryptocurrencies increased by several tens of percent compared to last year. Which other country in the world do you think will accept the world’s most important cryptocurrency as legal tender? You can read the whole survey under the attached link HERE.

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