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04.11.[News of the day] • More than 140 million people have digital yuan accounts, says the head of the PBoC • and other articles

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Welcome to today’s overview of crypto news:


A few days ago, the primary cryptocurrency fell below $ 60,000. But it responded well, bounced quickly from the bottom, and even crossed the $ 62,000 mark. After another brief decline, BTC went on the offensive again and fired at $ 64,500.

However, it did not continue to grow and stopped at around $ 63,000. There have been reports from the US Federal Reserve that suggest that the central bank will slow down its money printing initiatives.

Within minutes, BTC fell $ 3,000 to a bottom of $ 60,000. However, he swung back up just as quickly. Since then, however, the value of the asset has fallen again and is currently below $ 62,000.

Ethereum has been doing well in recent days, setting new all-time highs, the last of which came yesterday at a price of almost $ 4,700. Since then, however, the second largest cryptocurrency has lost somewhat and has now fallen to $ 4,500.

04.11.21 Technical analysis of BTC – another sudden sale, a big player sells?

Banks, crypto exchanges, companies

GameStop hires an accounting expert for NFT, cryptocurrency and blockchain

According to an advertisement published on November 3, the retailer of video games GameStop is looking for an accounting expert for NFT, cryptocurrencies and other applications of blockchain technology.

The retail chain wants to hire someone who has experience accounting for e-commerce or games. The person who gets this job will work hand in hand with GameStop’s technology team and business development team.

His task will be to oversee the operational accounting processes of the NFT platform of the company with the “highest level of control and integrity”.

Robinhood irritates the Shiba Inu community as a petition for listing SHIB is approaching 500,000 signatures

Robinhood’s free online trading application mentioned Shiba Inu in her multiple-choice question about determining the strength of cryptocurrency projects.

The question “Cryptocurrency is as strong as…” was published as a story on Instagram as part of the #RobinhoodLearn initiative. Its followers had to choose from three options: community, support of Elon Musk or a lot of comments on Shiba Inu.

Of course, in a separate tweet, Robinhood made it clear that cryptocurrencies are as strong as their communities are. The petition for adding a dog cryptocurrency to a popular online brokerage platform has now collected an incredible 485,000 signatures.

CBDC, Regulation

More than 140 million people have digital yuan accounts, says the head of the PBoC

China’s attempts at the digital currency of the central bank (CBDC) show no signs of slowing down, as shown by updated figures for October 2021, which were published on Hong Kong’s Fintech Week.

The digital yuan (e-CNY), which is intended to replace cash in day-to-day transactions, is gaining increasing popularity among individuals and businesses, according to the head of the People’s Bank of China’s Digital Currency Institute (PBoC), Mu Changchun. Speaking at a conference on Wednesday, Mu said the number of digital yuan accounts for individuals had reached 140 million, while businesses had created another 10 million accounts.

While the official launch date for e-CNY is still unclear, China continues to expand its trial operation to more than a dozen regions. As the CBDC accepts a wide range of merchants, people have spent 62 billion yuan ($ 9.7 billion) in e-CNY wallets since October 2021, according to Reuters.

SEC requests comments on Grayscale’s draft GBTC to ETF

Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is examining Grayscale’s request to convert its Grayscale BTC Fund (GBTC) into an exchange-traded spot BTC fund (ETF).

On 2 November, the SEC released a notice requesting comments on NYSE Arca’s proposed rule change.

On October 19, NYSE Arca filed an application 19b-4 for listing the converted GBTC to ETF, triggering hours during which the SEC must decide on the product. The SEC could decide on December 24. However, the Agency has in the past extended the deadlines for applications for products with BTC spot price.

The head of the Iranian Blockchain Association calls for the creation of a special council for cryptocurrency laws

According to the main Iranian blockchain organization, the authorities do not pay attention to compliance with the laws on cryptocurrencies. The association is concerned about the government’s inaction and offers its assistance to regulatory bodies, which, according to it, are not sufficiently prepared to handle such a challenging task.

Abbas Ashtiani, head of the Iranian Blockchain Association (IBA), said Iranian regulators, such as the Central Bank of Iran (CBI), were unable to regulate digital assets. According to a report by the Financial Tribune, the IBA has called for the establishment of an “independent consultant” to take responsibility.

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