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5 lesser known cryptocurrencies that can make a great deal

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A cryptocurrency that grows
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During this bull market, virtually every cryptocurrency grows. Sometimes even one that is behind a dubious company. This phenomenon is often referred to as a bubble. However, not all cryptocurrencies can be thrown into one bag. Are we in a bubble?

The bubble in the market in itself does not indicate anything bad. It is a price development when everything that can be traded will make a great appreciation and after a few years only the best projects will remain real. Others either collapse completely or simply quit. It is no longer true that BTC or ETH are in a bubble and fall to zero. The same goes for other great projects such as Binance, Litecoin or Cardano. Of course, anything can happen, but there is very little chance of a large drop and end of these cryptocurrencies. However, there are still a lot of potential coins on the market, backed by very skilled people and projects that are still being developed. In today’s article, we will look at 5 interesting coins that have the potential to make a great appreciation.

dYdX – a new cryptocurrency

I personally take every new cryptocurrency as very speculative. In the case of dYdX, it’s a little different. Before listing on the exchange, this coin has built a high-quality product that is used by more and more people every day. The goal of dYdX is to bring users around the world decentralized way of trading on the principle of spot trading. The exchange also offers stop loss and limit order options. No other competing DeFi exchange has offered something similar to such an extent yet. Lovers of the DeFi world have finally experienced a full-fledged DEX trading exchange. dYdX also offers a liquidity pool and other ways to earn.

SushiSwap – stable growth

Although SushiSwap experienced a negative start, it remembered and now this exchange is one of the most famous DeFi exchanges. SushiSwap is also the altcoin of this DeFi exchange. The price is currently worth $ 10 and has increased more than 15 times in the last year. After Uniswap and Pancake swap, it’s probably 3. the most famous DeFi project. Nevertheless, this cryptocurrency is very low on the Coinmarketcap ranking, barely in the top 100.

Kusama – Polkadot’s sister

Kusama is also referred to as the sister of the cryptocurrency Polkadot. This altcoin solves parachain and blockchain action. The platform is designed to provide a testing environment for developers who want to innovate and develop applications on blockchain. The price of this cryptocurrency has increased by 1,000% over the last year and still has the potential to continue to grow healthy. This is not typical pump and dump a scheme that no one hears about after the great growth. In this case, Kusama has long-term and stable growth.

NuCypher – a cryptocurrency that may surprise you

NuCypher is one of the newer cryptocurrencies and may come as a surprise. This exchange has recently been noticed by large exchanges such as Binance, which have listed it. This may be one of the main factors why this coin has flown so insanely in recent days.

NuCypher is decentralized encryption system, access control and key management (KMS). Thanks to this service, we can encrypt blockchians. NuCypher offers End to End encrypted data sharing on public blockchains and decentralized storage solutions. (source:

KuCoin Token – a coin of a well-known exchange

Another interesting coin that belongs to the KuCoin exchange may also surprise. Over the last year, the price has risen by more than 1,500% and the developers of this exchange are still working to make the project progress. Basically, it is such a pair of the Binance exchange with almost the same portfolio of services. The downside is that this cryptocurrency is not listed on any major exchange.

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