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5G networks offer tremendous potential for cryptocurrencies

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5G networks offer tremendous potential for cryptocurrencies

The 5G network spreads its wings across the world. However, fast mobile internet could also bring interesting bonuses for anyone interested in using cryptocurrencies. Blockchain, like the 5G network, offers unexpected connectivity options. Fast mobile internet and ledger access could become a necessity for the future.


Mobile company Ericsson predicted that by 2025, 65% of the population would have access to the network. About 5G is often spoken in the same circles as blockchain and artificial intelligence. No wonder, these technologies all aim to revolutionize the Internet.


The greatest use is shown in the possibilities of the Internet of smart things. Smart cars, refrigerators and thermostats will all need fast internet while at the same time a high level of security. This is where the blockchain will be offered by Darren Sadan of Choice IoT.


And although hacking into the fridge may seem as a trivial matter, such a virus directed against a smart car could be a potentially deadly weapon. Blockchain will act as a transparent protection.

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