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800 million viewers: Super Bowl becomes a BTC show

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One thing can be said with certainty: the Super Bowl once again lived up to its reputation as a major sporting event. 800 million people watched as the star ensemble of the LA Rams defeated the Cincinnati underdog 23-20 in the last second.

Parallel to the sporting struggle for the NFL crown, the Super Bowl has traditionally always been one of the most coveted marketing stages in the world. The who’s who of the corporate world is jostling for the limited prime-time slots in the US. This year, the upstarts in the crypto industry have dominated. Four commercials from Coinbase,, FTX and eToro turned the Superbowl into a BTC show.

BTC ads overload Coinbase servers

Coinbase presented brilliantly. In an approximately one-minute commercial, the US crypto exchange showed a QR code that led to its own trading platform. Not only will new users who register by February 15 receive $15 in BTC, but they also had a chance to win one of three top prizes of $1 million each. The marketing campaign meant that Coinbase determined the Twitter trends shortly after going live within a very short time. In the Apple App Store, Coinbase briefly took second place in the most downloaded applications in the USA. Ultimately, the high response led to server problems on the trading platform.

FTX And ​​ Make Superbowl Debuts

FTX was also allowed to advertise its own services at the Super Bowl for the first time in its young company history. For this, the BTC exchange around young billionaire Sam Bankman-Fried reached deep into the marketing box. In advance, the trading venue announced a BTC giveaway. The amount of BTC raffled depended on the time at which the commercial was broadcast at the Super Bowl. Participants only had to follow the Twitter profile of the crypto exchange and the corresponding ones post retweet before midnight local time. FTX then gave away a total of 7.54 BTC.

The actual commercial showed the US comedian Larry David how he dismissed inventions such as the wheel, the toilet or the light bulb as nonsense in different eras. In the ending sequence, he was introduced to the FTX app and replied, “No, that’s nothing. And I’m never wrong about these things.” also jumped at the opportunity to make its promotional debut at the Super Bowl. The FTX and Coinbase competitor from Singapore also took the viewer on a journey back in time to 2003. There, NBA superstar LeBron James visits his younger self, who asks him about his sporting future.

The multi-asset broker eToro finally completed the crypto quartet.

“Don’t know how many times we’ll see cryptos again”

The fact that more and more crypto service providers are involved in large events shows how much the entire market is pushing into the mainstream. Sport in particular offers itself as a stage. It’s no coincidence that vendors like Binance, FTX or release large funds to increase their own brand awareness and thus gain the trust of citizens.

While the majority of the crypto community views this development as positive, there are also voices, such as Robert Kolt, who warn against too much hype. Opposite to CBS News compared the professor of advertising and marketing at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) the advertising measures for BTC and Co. with past hypes from the dotcom era. Even then, a large number of up-and-coming companies would have banged the drum at the Super Bowl, but only a few remained, according to the professor.

I don’t think cryptocurrencies will be a permanent fixture in the Super Bowl – I don’t know how many times we’ll see them again, dot-coms are gone and traditional advertisers are staying.

Robert Kolt to CBS News

The future will show to what extent Kolt will be right with his forecast. At least one thing is certain for the moment: The Superbowl this year was all about BTC.

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