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9З% of CRO tokens in circulation own whales

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According to the analytical company IntoTheBlock, the large holders own 9З% ​​native tokens of trading platform Crу called Crуpto.comCoin (CRO).

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Following the announcement at the end of November of the renaming of the famous Staples Center in Los Angeles to the Crу Arena, the Crу Coin price jumped to a historic high of $ 0.97. Since then, the CRO has seen a correction and is now trading around $ 0.57.

IntoTheBlock analysts classify large holders as holders of at least 0.1% of the circulating CRO supply. The current asset offering is approximately CRO 25.2 billion, ie 0.1% is CRO 25.2 million (approximately $ 14.47 million).

In addition, the company added that 71% of investors in Crу tokens currently have the opportunity to profit from their investments in CROs, 22% of them will suffer a loss, 7% are in balance.

If you look at the composition of the owners by retention period, then 28% of addresses hold a CRO for more than 1 year, 49% hold a token from 1 to 12 months, 2З% of addresses hold less than one month.

It should also be noted that over the past week, the exchanges has received a CRO of $ 100.44 million, while the $ 157.26 million token has been abandoned.

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