December 3, 2020


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A small autumn Windows update was an exception. There will be two big annuals again, says Microsoft.

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A small autumn Windows update was an exception. There will be two big annuals again, says Microsoft.

The Windows 10 autumn update was just a service package rather than a major system update. Now Microsoft has stated that it does not plan to repeat this.

This year’s November 2019 Update was special in that it was a very small update that only turned on features that Microsoft had added over the course of the year, bringing only minor improvements and bug fixes. The company resorted to this step after the failed autumn last year’s update, focusing on repairs. Nevertheless, some bugs have also leaked to common users.

The company representatives in a discussion on the Mixer streaming platform said that this update system is only in a pilot phase and that there are no official deployment plans yet. Windows Latest has highlighted this. Next year, it seems that we will have two big updates – one in spring and the other in autumn.

The spring update will be numbered 2004

Every major update except for the first stages of testing bears a mark beginning in the year and half-year, this year’s spring was 19H1, autumn 19H2. Subsequently, there will be a change to the number series of the year and month when it is due – ie 1903 or 1803 , which may not correspond to the real edition. Indeed, 1903 was released in May as the May 2019 Update and 1803 in April as the April 2018 Update.

Marking Windows 10 is not exactly twice clear and Microsoft is not going to change it. Version 20H1, the next spring major update, will bear the designation 2004 and not 2003 as was customary. Allegedly to avoid confusion with Windows Server 2003.

At the same time the blog invites Insiders in the test program who want to stay on 20H1 (2004) to switch the setting to Slow. Widows is preparing a new update to the fast branch, but did not specify what it will be – whether 20H2 or 21H1 after all.

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