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Adidas’ First Metaverse Partnership Includes NFTs

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It’s not just Nike that is interested in the Metaverse. Thursday afternoon (2), Adidas announced on its Twitter page that it was officially entering the Metaverse.

Despite the lack of more complete information about everything that will involve this onslaught of the company, one thing is certain: the NFTs will have a prominent role!

The first partnership was closed with the Bored Ape Yacht Club, an NFT collection of bored apes, hosted on the ETH blockchain. In addition, partners like gmonkeys NFT and PUNKS comic are also involved.

In addition to the Twitter post, Adidas also published an article on its official website. According to the project’s developers, Adidas, already known for its avant-garde ideas, also wants to explore the frontiers of creativity. According to the brand, the Metaverse is where anyone can express their most original ideas.

Furthermore, thanks to blockchain and NFT technology, creators will be able to own part of what they created. The forecast is that the collection will reach US$ 18 billion with the launch of the project.

The company is encouraging users to access the official site to “find out more” and is accepting email applications as well.

Adidas Metaverse is Innovative

Among so many brand ads entering the Metaverse, Adidas set out to do something different. According to information published by the company, Adidas is going to take advantage of the best technology.

In addition to benefiting from the many possibilities that blockchain and NFTs can offer, the brand will also benefit from the resulting permanent advertising. The trend is for the brand to expand its innovative ideas in fashion and art to the digital world.

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