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Adidas NFT sale starts today

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Less than two weeks after announce its entry into the metaverse, Adidas Originals will put up for sale a collection of NFTs in action called “Into the Metaverse”.

According to The Verge portal, sales of exclusive digital collectibles will start this Friday (17th). The items will be sold for 0.2 ETH, or about R$ 4,500 in the site from the project.

So far, there aren’t many details about the release. For example, it is not known how many NFTs will be offered for sale.

Also, the appearance of non-fungible tokens is unknown. According to The Verge, Adidas declined to share this information citing “security protocols.”

Adidas Into the Metaverse

However, it is already known that NFTs will offer buyers access to a kind of exclusive Adidas metaverse fan club.

As the company highlighted, members will help shape the types of products and experiences the company creates for its community of NFT owners.

“Adidas is in the metaverse,” Tareq Nazlawy, senior director of digital growth at Adidas, told The Verge. “We want to find out what will be the best thing to do in this space and start engaging the communities we are activating through this [NFT] on how we should manifest in the virtual world.”

As highlighted by the portal, NFT holders will be able to purchase special items. At the same time, they will have access to “physical and digital” products and experiences from Adidas.

Physical items include the sweatshirt worn by the metaverse character named Indigo Herz, a sweatshirt with a blockchain address on it, and an orange beanie.

Project partners

The products are co-produced by a recognized trio of collaborators. The first is the Bored Ape Yacht Club, a popular NFT collection that has established partnership with Adidas for its entry into the metaverse.

The other contributor is the Punks Comics project, which recently featured Indigo on the cover of an issue. Finally, GMoney, a pseudonym of a cryptoactives enthusiast, closes the list of partners.

“There will be other experiences that we are setting up. The intention is that with this NFT, you belong to a community. And we continue to add value to it over time. This will also evolve with what we’re learning about the community. In other words, how they are changing and evolving,” Erika Wykes-Sneyd, Adidas Originals VP of Marketing, told The Verge. “

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