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Adobe integrates Polygon and Solana networks in new strategy for NFTs

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Leading software company Adobe has announced that its social network Behance is adding support for the Polygon and Solana blockchain platforms. The idea, according to the company, is to allow users to more easily display their non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

“Last year in Adobe Max we introduced a new way to showcase ETH minted NFT art on Behance. Now, you can also display art you’ve coined in Solana and Polygon,” the company said in a blog post.

NFTs with low environmental impact

As Adobe has highlighted, Polygon and Solana are environmentally efficient blockchains. Polygon uses a mere fraction of the energy consumed by Proof of Work (PoW) blockchains. Meanwhile, each transaction on the Solana network consumes less energy than two Google searches.

According to the company, it has been inspiring to see artists from around the world being discovered for their work and building new communities through NFT marketplaces.

“NFTs have motivated me to move from being a designer and occasional artist to a full-time artist so that I can use my vision and skills to tell my stories rather than those of clients and brands,” said digital artist Laura Pastor.

NFTs in Polygon and Solana

On their blog, the Polygon team highlighted that the tool works simply. Creators connect their Web3 wallet to their Behance profile. So any NFTs they created can be displayed on their profile.

Additionally, the platform noted that Polygon’s support for OpenSea will make it easier for creators to find buyers.

About integration, Sandeep Nailwal, co-founder of Polygon, highlighted:

“By combining Polygon’s low-cost networking and composition with Behance’s new NFT functionality, creators can take a holistic journey from design to storefront, to potential NFT sales. Enabling users to adopt this technology in an efficient and environmentally conscious way greatly increases the creator’s savings.”

The Solana team, in turn, highlighted that their platform offers a perfect fit:

“Solana is a proof-of-stake chain that addresses the concerns being more energy efficient and cheaper to work with.”

In Solana’s case, users can connect their Phantom Wallet to their Behance accounts to show their NFTs.

On Twitter, the Phantom team stated that this integration is “huge” for Solana’s creator economy. That’s because it allows artists “an eco-friendly, low-cost way to experience NFTs.”

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