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Age of Rust resets game roadmap after exiting Steam

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After being suddenly pulled off Steam a few months ago, the Age of Rust project has been slowed down but not stopped. The latest development update details several changes to the plan to keep the game on track for release in 2022.

The Age of Rust beta came to an end suddenly when Steam unceremoniously removed the game from its store. But as they look for a new distribution partner, the development work continues. The latest update brings changes to the season’s storylines, token cards and extra collaborative content.

After initially planning three seasons of content, the team decided to compress it into two. Season one will have some content from season two and season three will merge into season two.

With the next release, mission cards become universal. Currently, each blocked mission has its own card. But for simplicity and allowing greater access for beta players, any mission card will unlock all missions.

This, however, does not affect the search for CryptoSkull keys. Players still need all eight (8) quest cards for this quest. Each Crytposkull Key acts as a golden LastLight card, opening up all reward levels. The keys are supported by 10,000 Enjin.

Modification of game content and format

Along with these two changes comes cutting some extra content. These features have not necessarily been eliminated forever. They were chosen because there was little or no development in them. Here is the list of content that will not be included in the next release.

Additionally, the team has announced that Age of Rust will be PC-only and will come with English language support only. Plans to take the game to other platforms and languages ​​have been shelved for now. Instead, the team wants to focus on getting everything done for season one and two.

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