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Alice flies to the market, 80 million deal with Chromia and Mines of Dalarnia

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It was perhaps the only one that was missing, at least as regards that sector gaming And NFT who is making the fortune of those who entered in time.

Let’s talk about ALICE, metaverse dedicated to the game with an original cut and which arrived on the market when this sector was still unknown to most. Thanks to a new collaboration with Chromia, which we will discuss in this study.

Alice signs the deal with Chromia and Mines of Dalarnia and the token flies

Alice it was actually still missing from the great party which brought up the main tokens linked to metaverselet’s think about The Sandbox – and that is maintaining an otherwise sluggish market.

An event was missing, as often happens with protocols that have long-term activities behind them catalyst, the spark that would rekindle purchases. MyNeighborAlice found it in a new deal with Chromia and with one of the main titles running in that ecosystem, that is Mines of Dalarnia. But let’s go in order.

Let’s talk about a program for 80 million dollars, which will serve to make from financial incubator to projects that will want to develop so much on Chromia, how much in parallel on the Alice’s metaverse. An important fund in terms of size, also taking into account the relatively limited scope within which it will operate.

With the ALICE token which is appreciated on the market precisely by virtue of this news – for a protocol which, although existing in the alpha phase for some time, is actually operational in terms of trading for a short time. In between, in addition to the opportunity to participate in play to earn, also NFT, whose sales through Alice they are, albeit slowly, increasing, setting new records month by month.

It’s time for funds that will help develop games

Those who believe they are behind in this new wave that is overwhelming the world of blockchain must, data in hand, change his mind. Enjin Coin has made equally substantial funds available, as are those of The Sandbox.

Decentraland will host the first embassy of a sovereign state and other blockchains, such as BSC from Binance they are focusing a lot on what can be offered in this context. All data, even those coming from outside the blockchain, point towards one important growth of the entire sector. A growth that will allow these protocols to continue develop, also in an economic sense, becoming an increasingly important part of the world of blockchain and of investments in cryptocurrencies.

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All content in this article is for informational purposes only and in no way serves as investment advice. Investing in cryptocurrencies, commodities and stocks is very risky and can lead to capital losses.

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