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All the latest news on Dogecoin

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All the latest news on Dogecoin

Big news week for the Dogecoin (DOGE) cryptocurrency.

The price of Dogecoin

DOGE is currently climbing in price, marking a +15% in the last 30 days and, according to some predictions, if it goes above $0.061, there could be further rises.

By contrast, according to one trader, if the price falls to $0.047, it could crash to $0.033.

These numbers, however, are still a long way off and DOGE is currently worth $0.05313.

News about Dogecoin

First of all, today’s news is that the community of the cryptocurrency has graphically renewed the style of the project’s website.

But there is also more important news about Dogecoin.

Airbaltic now accepts DOGE payments, and also supports BTC, ETH, USDC, BUSD, GUSD and PAX. The airline boasts 70 destinations in Europe and had been accepting BTC since 2014 thanks to its integration with the BitPay platform.

The CEO of the airline, Martin Gauss, commented as follows:

“As an innovative airline, we always strive to search for ways to improve the customer experience starting from the booking process. Over the years around 1000 clients have used the payment option, which may not seem like a lot, but still offers passengers a unique payment option hard to find elsewhere”.

In addition, it was just announced a few hours ago that Dogecoin is now supported as a payment method by the Nuvei platform, which has also added BTC, ETH, BTC Cash, Litecoin, NEO and Ripple. 

Philip Fayer, CEO of Nuvei, explained:

“We’re excited to provide yet another pioneering solution that empowers our clients, large and small, with frictionless payment experiences and a greater opportunity to partake in a global marketplace. Nuvei continuously strives to offer the most relevant payment mediums for our clients and their customers. Our cryptocurrency support provides convenient, secure and instant transaction processing through a single integration.”

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