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Amazon reportedly plans to start accepting payments in BTC this year

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An anonymous source from Amazon said for the London business daily City AM that the e – commerce giant plans to accept payments in BTC by the end of 2021, which could pave the way for the wider traditional adoption of crypto transactions.

Amazon will reportedly accept payments in BTC

“It’s not just going through proposals to set up payment solutions for cryptocurrencies at some point in the future – it’s a complete, well-discussed and integral part of Amazon’s future mechanism,” said the source. City AM.

He suggested that while BTC will be the first step in Amazon’s cryptocurrency ambitions, company executives want to add more established cryptocurrencies in the future. “The directive comes from the very top,” the source said, referring to Jeff Bezos.

“This whole project is largely ready for launch. ETH, Cardano and BTC Cash will be next in line. It won’t be long, because plans already exist and have been working on them since 2019. “

In addition to accepting BTC payments, he says Amazon is exploring the creation of its own cryptocurrency, which may come as early as 2022.

Speculation about Amazon’s entry into the cryptocurrency market has been raging for several days after a new post for “Digital Currency and Blockchain Product Lead” appeared on the company’s desktop last week. According to the job description, the new employee will help develop the monetary strategy of Amazon’s digital currencies. The position requires strong expertise in blockchain, distributed ledgers, digital central bank currencies and cryptocurrencies in general.

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