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Amazon will accept payments in cryptocurrencies In Russia, the court rejected a request to return the BTC for 78 million rubles

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Amazon has teamed up with PayPal and its Venmo service, which supports payments in BTC, ETH, LTC and BCH.

Users of largest marketplace will soon be able to pay for purchases using the Venmo payment service. The corresponding agreement was concluded between Amazon and PayPal, which Venmo owns. US residents will be able to use the service to pay on Amazon as early as 2022.

The Venmo payment service has been supporting the purchase, sale and storage of cryptocurrencies since April. Its 80 million customers have access to four digital coins – BTC, ETH, LTC and BCH. The agreement with Amazon could therefore mean that market purchases can be paid for with digital assets.

Back in June, there was talk in the market that Amazon would start accepting BTC as payment. This information was later denied by company representatives.


The defendant was supposed to return 16.6 BTC to the plaintiff, but said he had lost the cryptocurrency. The trial lasted an hour, but the judge eventually dismissed the lawsuit.

The Savelov court in Moscow rejected the first lawsuit in Russia for the return of illegally obtained cryptocurrencies – 16.6 BTC.

In 2018, Andrej Petrov transferred 16.6 BTC to his friend Igor Tukan’s crypto-wallet. As of November 10, their price was $ 1.095 million (about 78 million rubles). The plaintiff verbally agreed with an acquaintance that he would invest the cryptocurrency and return it in five months, while retaining 20% ​​of the profit. However, five months later, Tukan announced that he had lost the BTC.

The plaintiff’s lawyer, Boris Bashilov, claims that at that time such issues were not regulated in Russian legislation, however, in early 2021, the law about Financial Digital Assets entered into force in Russia. The cryptocurrency now has property status in Russia. Bashilov plans to challenge the court’s decision.

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