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An eight-year-old boy from Japan earns ETH by selling NFT

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Does your child still draw with crayons on paper? Try buying a PC. An eight-year-old Japanese elementary school student took his pictures in digital form, turned his creations into nonfungible tokens (NFT), and then sold them online with relatively large ETH profits.

An eight-year-old boy earns ETH by selling NFT

The boy, whose name was not published both on his social networks and in an interview with Business Insider Japan, is known only as Zombie Zoo Keeper. His collection is called Zombie Zoo and Platform OpenSea secondary sales are priced at up to 18 ETH (almost $ 62,000).

Zoo Keeper says it “currently” adds about three new zoo-themed designs to its collection daily. During the holidays, he adds between seven and nine – in order to buy some Pokémon-themed toys for his profits.

These super-young miracle children seldom work alone – parents who are full of energy are always their “support”.

In the case of Zoo Keeper, this support is his mother, artist Emi Kusano, who also created digital arts, some of which she sold as the NFT. Her recent move was to increase Zoo Keeper’s secondary sales fees from a standard 2.5% to an incredible 10%.

Zoo Keeper continues his life in elementary school, but when he returns home, it’s time for more art – according to his mother, he’s working on a “free app that lets you draw pixel art on iPads.”

Its rise was meteoric. But the success story has also attracted several fraudsters, with fake Zombie Zoo items reportedly circulating online now. However, Zoo Keeper says he is more worried that his new crypto wealth will not have negative consequences.

“I was happy when I made my first sale, but I was wondering if it would be okay if I made too much money. If I had too much money, my life would change. “

Zoo Keeper, who wears a colored mask in his photos to protect his anonymity, says his school friends do not trust his crypto activities. When he told a friend that he sold the drawing online, his classmate did not believe him. This led the eight-year-old boy to promise to keep his school activities a secret… for now. He concluded:

“Until my work becomes really famous on the Internet, I won’t tell my friends or teachers about it.”

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