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An unconventional pet makes a mischief in the computer

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An unconventional pet makes a mischief in the computer

Based on the Untitled Goose Game, programmer Sam Chiet created an unconventional pet that has only one task – to annoy you as much as you can. The virtual goose can do a mischief in the computer.


Untitled Goose Game is crazy without exaggeration, but that’s why it seems to enjoy such popularity. Players reincarnate as a geese that terrorizes the whole village. In so doing, residents can suffer in a variety of ways, such as stealing various things or destroying their property.


Players have a precise list of their goals, which they must “defuse” to get to the next level. In other words, the creators encourage the players themselves to hurt others – that is exactly the meaning of the game.


But Chiet tried to look at the whole issue from a completely different angle, basically reversed the meaning of the game. In his application Desktop Goose, which can be downloaded free of charge on the Internet, the goose does not bother the villagers but directly the computer owner.


Why would anyone install such an application? According to fans’ feedback on various game forums, it’s just as much fun as playing the Untitled Goose Game. “You will either love her or hate her. But your computer will never be the same again, ”says Chiet.


And he is really right, because at some moments even the calmest people will have something to do so that they will not break their computer with anger. “It’s a goose that destroys your computer,” the creator describes the behavior of an unusual pet.



It settles in the computer


The naughty goose will settle in on the computer and will only appear whenever it wants to. “But don’t count on doing anything beneficial or useful. Instead, it will drag you over the mouse while leaving muddy traces on the Windows desktop, ”said Chiet.


“He’ll also write comic messages and notes on the screen that won’t just be erased so easy from the desktop. And to make matters worse, it will toss icons, distract you with various sounds, and last but not least, show you a variety of memes – of course with goose themes, ”he continued.


Players can experience the feel of the villagers in the title Untitled Goose Game without exaggeration. You can download Desktop Goose for Windows and macOS for free here.

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