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Analysis: Traditional investors are increasingly interested in BTC

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Analysis: Traditional investors are increasingly interested in BTC

A questionnaire published on March 31 indicates that investors in traditional assets are slowly wetting their feet into a cryptocurrency pond. According to a questionnaire held among industry experts, large investment companies are interested in taking advantage of the opportunities offered by the cryptocurrency price drop. They are particularly interested in the king of digital currency, Bitcoin.

Acuiti, an analytical company, published a report focusing on interest in cryptocurrencies among traditional asset investors. Thus in bonds, commodities and conservative stocks. It found an interesting thing about the fact that there is growing interest in risky assets such as Bitcoin.

Investor research suggests a large adoption of digital currencies among purely investment firms seeking to maximize profits – 26%. Furthermore, more traditional conservative funds, which rather seek to endure capital for worse times. There is a 17% interest in cryptocurrencies. However, Acuiti warns that the figures may vary because there are more or less two Bakkt and CME exchanges for such companies. Data from unregulated exchanges cannot be retrieved.

Of particular interest is the derivatives of the largest cryptocurrencies. 57% of companies traded Bitcoin and 29 Ethereum. On the other hand, XRP fell compared to market capitalization. Although it was interested in trading, XRP was only fifth in the ranking.

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