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Animoca Brands builds movie studio in The Sandbox

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With a fundraising that led to a valuation of $5.9 billion, Animoca Brands is no longer a startup. Instead, it looks like the company name is on the investor list for almost every blockchain gaming project.

This time, as part of its development, Animoca announced the expansion of the partnership with Planet Hollywood.

Through the partnership, there will be the development of a themed movie studio experience in the metaverse. For this, Meta Hollywood, Animoca’s cinema group, announced the acquisition of land in the game The Sandbox. With this, the company plans to build a themed cinema experience. Meta Hollywood promises movie-themed behind-the-scenes adventures, a souvenir museum and events.

Cinema in the metaverse

Founded by Animoca Brands and Planet Hollywood, Meta Hollywood is a community ecosystem. So basically, the group’s goal is to bridge the gap between movie and studio fans and creators. To achieve their goal, they intend to use web 3.0-enabled events, NFTs, as well as their HWOOD token.

Animoca Brands builds movie studio in The Sandbox

The creation of this experience in The Sandbox is the end of the first phase of the company’s development plan. Future goals include, for example, a platform for content creators, a marketplace, merchandise and exclusive events. As part of that, the company plans to digitize assets from its real-life movie collection for The Sandbox.

Some of the famous people and entities that have partnered with The Sandbox include Atari, Snoop Dogg, the Smurfs, Cheech and Chong, Deadmau5, Ubisoft, Warner Music and Adidas.

Meanwhile, Animoca Brands is a blockchain and web 3.0 focused company with support for games and NFTs. The company founded and invested in various game projects, such as Crazy Defense Heroes, REVV Racing, Phantom Galaxies and The Sandbox. Additionally, the company recently completed funding rounds that valued it at over $5 billion.

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