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Anonymous Internet Surfing – Change Your IP Address Using A Reliable IP Hiding Software

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There are different reasons for which we use the internet. Some use it to check their mail box or send a message. Some use it to find friends and chat with their loved ones. Some use it for their business or to buy goods online. These are just few reasons anyone will bother to use the internet. For whatever reason we use the internet, we should have a level of security that can protect our online identity from online thieves.

The major culprit that reveals our identity online is the internet protocol (IP) address which a series of numbers that serve as a unique identifier of all internet users. This address contains some important data on its owner, for example, your location can be determined from the number assigned to you because each region has its own specified number in the address.

For this purpose, there are different IP changing methods that have been developed to ensure the privacy of internet users online. These are the free proxy server and the paid IP hiding software. The free proxy method will require you going through a website to search for info from another site. Just that only the internet protocol of the proxy site will be shown on the site you are requesting information from. But this method is not so reliable in that it does not load all sites and it is very sluggish in loading pages. The proxy is mostly used by casual internet users who are not so much concerned about their privacy online.

The paid software option is made for those who seriously consider their privacy online e.g. businesses and individuals that share and receive vital information and data online. Since your IP address can be used to access the files on your system, individuals or businesses that have important info on their system also prefer to use the paid software. The software is like any other conventional software which can be installed into your computer’s hard disk. At installation or at any other point in time, the software allows you to change your location. With this, you can even access sites that are country or region-specific.

With the IP hiding software, you can quit worrying about whether your online privacy is secured and surf anonymously.

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