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Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak criticizes the US dollar and optimistically describes BTC!

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Steve Wozniak Bitcoin

In an interview with Yahoo Finance, Steve Wozniak said that BTC is a math that cannot be damaged and can no longer be replaced.

Steve Wozniak criticizes the dollar

“Look at the US dollar, the government can either create or borrow new money in dollars at any time. Its value is not fixed anywhere and is only devalued, unlike BTC. It’s BTC mathematical purity. Another BTC will never be created again,” comments Wozniak.

Wozniak compared the US monetary system and the electronic peer-to-peer network. The US dollar seems “artificial” to Wozniak. He likes the science, math, logic and computer programming that are built into BTC.

“Let’s look at inflation. For example, if your house is rising 10 times in 40 years and you think you are a smart investor, then you are wrong. The government itself devalues ​​it by taxing much of its value, if any inflation is constantly rising,” criticizes Wozniak.

After all, BTC has something in it

Apple ‘s co – founder emphasized that BTC is not regulated a single entity, and thus can maintain a level of predictability that is difficult to achieve with the US dollar, as regulators can create new banknotes whenever they wish.

“BTC has a creator that no one knows about, is not run by any company, it’s just pure mathematics and personally I always believe that nature always wins over people,” added Wozniak.

However, the world-renowned programmer sees some of the disadvantages of BTC and the right to privacy. Apple co-founder said BTC and other cryptocurrencies have “too much anonymity” which he does not see as a good thing.

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