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Are Dogecoin expecting significant changes? Co-founder Billy Markus is clear on this

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Dogecoin with changes
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Dogecoin does not survive the most ideal period and is not helped by its immense popularity. A change is needed to get the network back on track. This is the opinion of the founder of DOGE, which requires updates.

Dogecoin with new significant updates?

This meme coin still suffers from a lack of usability despite the fact that developers have taken important steps to reduce transaction fees. However, this factor is not enough. One of the co-founders of this project, Billy Markus was basically away from the industry. But now he has returned to restore the luster it lacks to the community. According to him, the main goal now is to secure the bridge between ETH and DOGE and also to jump on the NFT wave, which is experiencing a boom again.

Payment system

One of the main spheres where Dogecoin dominates, is a payment system. Low transaction fees can be fully reflected here. The usefulness is demonstrable especially for smaller transactions, such as payment for a ticket at the cinema.

DOGE was the first to use the Dallas Mavericks club, which is owned by a big fan of meme coin, Mark Cuban. In addition, Adam Aron recently announced a poll on his twitter, where Dogecoin clearly won, so it is possible that it will be used in the cinema network AMC Theaters.

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