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Atari gaming company introduces its own token

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Atari gaming company introduces its own token

Atari, a major player in the video and arcade game industry has launched its Atari token private presale. The team says the Atari token can be used to play games on its platform and holders will also be able to exchange the tokens for other cryptos. The Atari token public presale is scheduled to begin on March 20 and runs through May 15, 2020.


Atari pioneered the gaming industry


More than forty years ago, Atari sparked the game revolution with its legendary Atari 2600 console and even more legendary PONG. Despite many ailments over the past decades, this gaming company is returning to the market and is also planning his own Atari digital token.


After two years of first announcing its plan to create its native altcoin, the Altari gaming ecosystem is finally launching its token sale event. The Atari token rollout is scheduled for August 1, 2020.


Atari Tokens


The company said on its official website:

The Atari token can be used in video games, by players who can trade their video game assets in a decentralized manner. The advantage of this approach is to provide some standard way for the players to trade their game assets. There are also many other use cases like the Atari Smart Casino where you compete against other players, but your skill plays a key role.


The number of tokens is currently limited to 800,000,000. The company states that the token should be on cryptocurrency exchanges by the middle of this year.


The ICO is awaited this month.


Back in 2018, Atari Group signed a partnership with Infinity Networks Ltd to develop a blockchain project including a cryptocurrency- Atari Token. It would constitute a decentralized platform that will feature different types of digital entertainment, from films and music to video games. The project could not see the light of the day and was ultimately terminated.


Atari will now work on the same project with ICICB Group. It is planning to host an ICO for its token sales this month while private sales will go on till September 2020. As soon as the private sales finish, a public sale will be announced. Atari will keep 35% of the proceeds from the token sale and will ensure liquidity for the digital asset by listing it on popular crypto trading platforms.


Atari Token will be used in an online crypto casino developed by the company, which will be launched this year after public sales begin. ICICB has a non-exclusive license to run this casino and will feature several titles like Centipede, Asteroids, Missile Command and Rollercoaster Tycoon amongst others. They will split the revenue equally.




Atari joins other game giants who are trying to implement blockchain technology. Game giant Ubisoft is the first large company to join the Ultra blockchain project. Many cryptocurrency experts claim that the gaming industry is the key to mass adoption of cryptocurrencies around the world. More information can be found here. I will surely buy that.

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