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Australia is experiencing a BTC boom

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According to the latest figures from the Australian Cryptocurrency Exchange, investing in cryptocurrencies is becoming increasingly popular in Australia. A high increase in trading cryptocurrencies was also recorded for people over the age of 65.

BTC boom and Australia

The Australian cryptocurrency exchange BTC Markets has experienced a significant increase in clients this year. A significant part of the new clientele was also recorded by the cryptocurrency exchange among persons over 65 years of age.

BTC Markets is one of the oldest and also the largest exchanges in the country. In its annual report for investors reported a 15% increase in the number of investors over the age of 65. Caroline Bowler, CEO of BTC Markets, said:

“More than a quarter of the exchange’s customers are investors over the age of 44 and have more money to invest. These “boomers” are often during their lifetime, when they have accumulated considerable wealth and assets and have many years of experience in investing in the financial markets. They are not afraid to allocate a small percentage of their portfolio to cryptocurrencies. “

In an interview with the Bloomberg, Caroline Bowler revealed that the company is focusing on regulatory challenges for the cryptocurrency industry. In a live broadcast, she said:

“It would be a real shame for Australia if we didn’t take this bull by the horns. Naturally, however, there is a concern that regulation may become sovereign. Australia would benefit from a progressive regulatory framework. “


Increased adoption among the elderly population clearly shows that BTC and other cryptocurrencies are not really just for the young. Cryptocurrencies make no distinction, do not discriminate, and use only the Internet and electricity to use them.

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