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Axie Infinity Announces 5 Additional Validators to Protect Ronin

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In late March, the Ronin Network, the protocol that bridges ETH and Axie Infinity, suffered one of the biggest attacks in cryptocurrency history, losing more than $600 million in digital assets.

Now, to secure the network, the Axie Infinity team has announced the addition of five new validators to the pool. They are: Nansen, Delphi Digital, Stable Node, Animoca Brands and Dialeti.

In a statement published Tuesday, the Axie team highlighted that “Last week’s security breach served as a powerful reminder of the importance of truly distributed networks.”

Ronin bridge protection

According to the release, the team plans in three months to have 21 independent validator nodes to secure the network.

“We are in the process of integrating Nansen, Delphi Digital, Stable Node, Animoca Brands and Dialetic into our pool of validator nodes. We expect this to be completed this week. The purpose of this internship is simply to acclimate a collection of new stakeholders to the group and familiarize them with node technology in its current state.”

Step 2, according to the release, will consist of evolving the current source code to improve security and decentralization.

Developers want, for example, to add the ability to assign withdrawal limits. In addition, they plan to enable more governance functions on the Ronin bridge.

“We anticipate the design process to be collaborative, involving our community as well as other security companies and investors.”

Finally, the team asked the community to participate in these changes using the hashtag #securingronin to share their comments.

About the new validators

Delphi Digital is a research, consulting and investment company. It is dedicated to promoting the understanding and development of the digital asset market.

Animoca Brands is a leading investor in the NFT space. Its mission is to deliver digital property rights to internet users.

Meanwhile, Dialectic is a Swiss capital company focused on deploying human and financial capital in alternative assets.

Nansen is a blockchain analytics platform that enriches on-chain data with wallet tags.

Finally, StableNode operates blockchain node validations and uses accrued rewards for investments in cryptocurrency and blockchain ventures as well as for provision of liquidity in DeFi applications.

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