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Axie Infinity Releases New Balance Update in Origin Season 1

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The developers of Axie Infinity implemented a new balance update to get a better game balance for season 1 of their Origin version.

For this reason, the development team performed server maintenance for a few minutes during the early hours of September 28th.

This new update caused some questions, due to the fact that a few weeks ago, the Axie Infinity team informed that they would not apply balance updates between seasons.

According to the development team, this new stage of the game, Axie Infinity seeks a greater inclusion of players, providing the possibility of free access to the game and more balanced battles.

Axie Infinity changes

This new update aims to balance all the cards in the game, in addition, some existing bug fixes and a new rewards system for users will be implemented.

The rewards for the top 10 on the world leaderboard will receive borders for their NFTs, which will differentiate them from other players during battles.

As for the game’s interface, it does not present any changes at first glance, however, it will offer improvements to the game’s tutorials in adventure mode, as well as the “rock, paper or scissors” function, used to choose the game’s turns.

Some of the mystical runes and amulets also show changes, with the incorporation of new effects and the variation in their duration, which will depend on the use made.

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