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Axie Infinity Releases Update and Teaser Trailer for New Lands

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Players’ enthusiasm for the new Axie Infinity lands only increases. Since January 2019, users have been buying increasingly expensive land in one of the most successful play-to-earn games on the market.

Now the euphoria is in the new update. According to the developers, “Project K” elevates the goals of the game’s metaverse to a level never expected. The Update got a teaser trailer as exciting as the project!

The Axie Infinity Phenomenon

Founded in 2018 and now with over 2.9 million players, Axie Infinity has stood out in the blockchain gaming community.

After establishing itself as the dominant market, Axie seeks to expand its offerings with a whole world to explore! This land development project, known as Project K, is a long-awaited addition to the game.

The most basic lots are valued at $12,000 dollars and a Genesis lot sold for over $2 million dollars!

Although the original roadmap included an alpha for the lands in the fourth quarter of 2021, the team decided to postpone the release until 2022. However, the developer has yet to set an exact date.

According to the developer, part of the reason for the delay is the move to a 3D world. But with a much larger development team than the initial one, the project should accelerate.

Also according to the developer, the project will be launched in three phases. Phase 1 will focus on world building and resource production. Phase 2 will be tree production, jobs and social activities in the game. Finally, phase 3 will be full-scale games and battles.

The team also plans to include major events that affect all of Lunacia, and plenty of Axie stories to discover and enjoy. Sounds like a lot of content! With missions, seasonal events, social interactions, massive battles between armies of Axies… Project K promises something for everyone.

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