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Barbados Embassy on Decentraland

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Even the sovereign states they begin to show some shy, but not too much, interest in i metaverse. This is the case of the Barbados, which in addition to being one of the most enchanting places on earth, are also a sovereign state in all respects, which has decided to sign an agreement with Decentraland.

What kind of deal? An agreement that will lead to the first digital embassy of history right on metaverse handled by Decentraland and which also hosts the token MANA.

Barbados on Decentraland – will be the first embassy in history in a meteverse

Even if the question involves a sovereign state of very small entity and with a decidedly small population, we are faced with a historic moment for the whole sector of cryptocurrencies and in particular those that offer a working metaverse, as indeed MANA.

The agreement was signed on Sunday and foresees for Barbados the opening of a consular office within the most popular of metaverse currently available. All this, says the ambassador of the Barbados in Emirates, within a decidedly more aggressive strategy of expanding the island state into the digital world.

The idea is not to pick a winner – metaverse is still a young novelty and we want to be sure that what we build will be transferable between the many universes that will be available.

A strategy that could therefore soon involve other virtual worlds – think for example of The Sandbox, however, through private agreements. They have already been involved too Somnium Space And SuperWorld, other protocols that we invite you to follow very closely – in particular for readers who have a passion for this new way of understanding blockchain.

There will also be virtual visas

It will not be just a seat virtual and of representation, but also operational, given that among the various projects there will also be the issue of virtual visas it’s a teleportation which will allow avatars to jump from a metaverse to the other seamlessly.

A project therefore Interesting also on technological plan, with the direct and effective collaboration of those who program these platforms. After El Salvador, it will be another small state that will make a difference in the inexorable march to the world of metaverse.

High volatility, but the problem is now another

Who is looking at the prices of the main tokens metaverse in these hours you will have noticed important drops, despite the interest continues to rise and move the all-time high beyond.

Metaverse they will surely have room for growth in the near future. Even in the medium and long term – given that the initiative of the Barbados it could trigger the arrival of other – and more relevant – states.

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