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Batistuta, Vieri and Del Piero in NFT

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The struggle between the main ones marketplace for the NFT it doesn’t seem to stop. The last hit scored is Binance NFT Marketplace, which will bring on its platform of the collectibles that they will include Gabriel Omar Batistuta, Alessandro Del Piero and other players of the golden period of the Italian football.

There will be, just to name a few additional names, too Christian Vieri, in an extremely interesting system for i collectors – especially if you are a football fan like most of the Italians.

Batistuta, Del Piero and Vieri attack the NFTs

The project is related to TopGoal and will see how host of the first distribution on marketplace from NFT which belongs to Binance, an exchange that has long since launched itself into one of the most profitable of the world of cryptocurrencies.

As often happens, a system of Mystery Box, a kind of pack of digital stickers, within which they will be distributed NFT randomly, thus generally increasing thehype and the demand that revolve around this type of products.

  • When will the launch take place

The launch will happen next Monday, when in Italy will be the 16:30. They will be distributed approx 12,000 NFT, divided into three levels of rarity. In all single versions will be 24, six legendary, nine epic and nine rare.

The battle between collectors will be in bringing home the highest number of NFT of rarity Legendary, which in all likelihood will be the ones to find the largest market in a second phase.

What to expect from the launch?

The names involved are important ones, because they perhaps represent the top of the Italian football of those years, with names like Batistuta, Del Piero And Vieri that, at least for those of the right age, are still able to warm hearts and bring the mind back to goals And performance memorable.

We also remember the fact that the platform NFT from Binance has the highest growth rate in the industry. For all the projects presented, sales are approaching almost 1 million boxes – with movements greater than 100 million dollar equivalent.

Not bad numbers, which describe the trajectory of this marketplace on the one hand, and on the other hand the large number of collectors who are pouring their capital into the sector of NFT. A mix that could also make the fortune of this new initiative for the stars of Italian football that was.

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