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Best Garmin watch 2020: Fenix, Forerunner and Vivo compared

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Best Garmin watch 2020: Fenix, Forerunner and Vivo compared

Garmin is one of the big names in the fitness world, and it has an absolutely massive range of trackers and devices in its portfolio. It offers not only a range of options within each of its product families, but also a wide range of sport-specific devices and lifestyle choices, too.

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Choosing a Garmin can be confusing, but you’re in the right place to demystify the selection. We’re going to briefly tell you how each type of device is positioned, before diving into the specifics of what each device can do.

Garmin fitness tracker quick summary

Before we go any further, this is how the main families of Garmin devices break down:

  • Fenix – Premium outdoors watches, several versions – for those who want the best of everything with a premium look and price.
  • Forerunner – Top-tier sports watches, several versions with a leaning towards running – best for multi-sport athletes and runners.
  • Vivoactive – Fitness watches, several versions – best for fitness fans who want a little more information.
  • Vivomove (Luxe & Style) – Watches with hidden fitness tracking functions
  • Venu – Garmin’s Apple Watch rival
  • Instinct – Rugged GPS watch
  • Legacy – Themed smartwatches with fitness features
  • Vivosport – Fitness band with GPS – best for general fitness without being bulky, good for casual runners.
  • Vivosmart – Fitness band, several versions – best for those wanting a general fitness tracker and step tracking.
  • Vivofit Jr and Jr 2 – Fitness band for kids – best for children.

If you’re looking at a Garmin device, it’s likely that you’re interested in something from the Forerunner or Vivo ranges, as these are the main devices that cover most sports and fitness applications. We’re not covering some of the more unique devices like Swim, Epix or Descent.

Garmin Forerunner ranges from a simple running watch up to a serious athlete’s training tool, so there’s plenty of variety to choose from – and plenty of price difference. The important thing is to choose a watch that does everything you need it to.

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