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Beware ponzi scam OneCoin promotes the event on Facebook

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Beware ponzi scam OneCoin promotes the event on Facebook

The widely known scam OneCoin continues to stick out its claws. He is now advertising on Facebook an event to be held in Japan.


OneCoin continues to attack


It is surprising that OneCoin, known as one of the largest ponzi schemes in cryptocurrency history, still works. Total damage estimates range from $ 4 billion to $ 15 billion worldwide.


OneCoin is associated with the names of Dr. Ruja Ignatova and Sebastian Greenwood. Ignatova disappeared in 2017 and is now hiding from justice since several states have begun prosecution of OneCoin fraud members. A large number of other participants were arrested in 22 countries around the world.


Fraud still survives


In light of these facts, it is very surprising that the project is not satisfied with the end and continues to attack. Despite the harsh enforcement of law enforcement agencies around the world, it seems that OneCoin fraud is still working in peripheral markets without strong enforcement or high levels of official corruption.


Dealshaker is a website that promotes OneCoin. It is now sponsoring OneCoin Mongolia and Dealshaker Japan, scheduled to take place on February 22-24, 2020. It is incredible that this fraud can continue to operate in Japan, despite arrests of its promoters around the world.


But that’s not all. Even more strange is his open promotion on Facebook. It is the same social network that used to ban any cryptoproject ads in the past and that has been treated to a large number of honest applications or websites as fraudsters. The same network is now promoting one of the greatest ponzi scams ever. This is really sad.




Incomprehensible, OneCoin, also known as Onelife, is still popular in developing countries such as Latin America, Asia and Africa. He even now hosts an event in Japan and promotes it blatantly on Facebook. This case is just another example of the fact that the cryptoworld really resembles the wild west, and while regulators try to give the impression that they care about our security, the current regulations have not stopped the fraudsters and seem mostly directed against our privacy, to which we have the right .

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