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Biggest GBTC Unlock ends – Is the storm over?

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TL;DR Breakdown

  • The GBTC Unlock began on July 13, and since then, the BTC price has been struggling.
  • The biggest hit was expected on this Sunday that has now passed, and BTC is trading above $30K.
  • The rest of the GBTC Unlocks together will involve a lesser BTC than the one that happened on Sunday.

BTC price has been giving traders a headache for weeks, and now, people wonder if there are chances of the market recovering this year. People saw BTC dropping below $30K on July 20, and many thought this was it for the crypto market.

The fears revolving around the GBTC Unlock on July 18 that amounted to 16,240 Bitcoins definitely put fear in the hearts of many. But now, it seems that the worst is over, and BTC was able to recover.

GBTC Unlock “FUD” seems to be over

Negative sentiments in the market seemed to follow after the unlocking of GBTC shares on July 18, and now, the following unlocking is not much of a threat as the amount of BTC will drop with each release.

Bitcoins will continue to get released until August 25, but the amount will keep on decreasing. The fear was that the market would fall below the point of recovery after the unlocking on Sunday. Monday brought the expected sell-off in the market as BTC went below $30K.

GBTC Unlock BTC prize
BTC current price

GBTC investment is getting popular each day

The GBTC shares are gathering a lot of attention from potential investors like Rothschild Investment Corporations. Multiple organizations like this have been actively accumulating GBTC shares.

With the successful passing of the GBTC unlock period, the market has been able to recover from the loss it had earlier suffered, and now, BTC is above its support of $30K.

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