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Bill Baruch on CNBC promoted the cryptocurrencies of Solana and Algorand

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CNBC did not miss significant strengthening of the BTC price and invited Bill Baruch and Delan Sapor to its discussion on cryptocurrencies. The former admitted that he had missed the opportunity of a suitable investment in BTC and therefore focused on the altcoin scene.

Bill Baruch, who is president of Blue Line Capital, wanted to take advantage of the fall in the price of BTC in the summer, with plans to purchase around $ 20,000 for 1 BTC. However, the price of BTC did not end up so low in the end. “I didn’t get my full position, but in the end it led me to continue my studies and look for other opportunities for cryptocurrencies where I could invest.” he said in Trading Nation show.

Baruch subsequently stated that his choice fell on the cryptocurrencies Solana and Algorand, which he described as an interesting alternative to BTC.

Second guest Delano Saporo, who founded New Street Advisors, said the market is currently convinced that BTC bullrun will continue. The latest positive news also helps. “We are looking at more and more institutions that are involved. We have seen that US Bank is starting to offer custody services. We are witnessing Bank of America conducting BTC research. I think we still have a lot of room to continue the bullrun, “ stated and continued:

“These reports bring further dynamism, thanks to which the market is gaining additional volumes. I think it can move a little higher, so I’m still shopping. I think it’s an opportunity for investors to finally do a more in-depth analysis to see if cryptocurrencies make sense to them. “ he added.

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