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Billionaire Thomas Peterffy is another confirmed Bitcoiner

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In 2021, the list of billionaires who have admitted their investment in BTC is growing. After Paul Tudor Jones, Stanley Druckenmiller, Ray Dalio, Rick Rieder and Elon Musk, Thomas Peterffy, a pioneer in online trading, is most recently added to the list.

Thomas Peterffy who is the founder and chairman of the giant Interactive Brokers, America’s largest online trading broker, admitted in an interview with CNBC yesterday that it had invested in BTC 3 years ago, although it only recently told CNBC that it still had great doubts about the future of cryptocurrencies.

“I also put some of the money into the cryptocurrencies. However, I believe that the chances of it being a viable large market or a dominant currency are slim, “ He said in July, pointing out that his investment in cryptocurrencies was motivated more by the fact that, for sure, he too would cut the cake if his opinion was wrong.

Although the founder of Interactive Brokers did not announce such a spectacular future to cryptocurrencies in the early summer as other American billionaires, such as Paul Tudor Jones, the company he founded was already preparing to launch cryptocurrency trading at the time. This was quite a big news for the crypto market, because Interactive Brokers is known for being a popular trading tool, especially for more solvent clients.

Now it seems that Peterffy has no more trouble confirming that he is a Bitcoiner. In the TechCheck session, he had already had the opportunity to mention that they had officially opened the possibility of trading cryptocurrencies on Interactive Brookers. And perhaps for the first time he spoke of cryptocurrencies in a more positive light.

“I think BTC and other cryptocurrencies are great ideas. They should be allowed to trade freely and use them freely to find their appropriate role in the economy. “

Did he do anything other than say?

The investor, who is estimated to have assets worth around $ 19 billion, has been much more skeptical about cryptocurrencies in the past. When CME launched BTC futures trading in 2017, it warned of regulatory uncertainties about BTC and cryptocurrencies, and said cryptocurrencies may be responsible for another financial crisis.

Peterffy’s gradual change of opinion to BTC (at least the official one) seemed to copy his company’s business strategy. Now that Interactive Brokers can cut the pie around trading BTC and other cryptocurrencies, it’s no big deal for him to admit that he also has to invest in BTC and mark cryptocurrencies as potential.

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