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Binance CEO explains why Bitcoin will go to $ 100,000

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Binance CEO explains why Bitcoin will go to $ 100,000

Changpeng Zhao, Binance CEOs, thinks Bitcoin could reach “weak” 2 trillion in market capitalization. In that case, the price of one BTC would be around $ 100,000. CZ has long and persistently criticized the monetary policy of the United States of America.


CZ underlined the fact that only a small proportion of investors was enough to drop the cryptocurrency up to 3500 USD. As we have already informed, investors who have HODL strategy, however, overwhelming majority did not sell anything.



Of course, this goal may sound like far away. However, given the amount of money being printed due to the coronavirus crisis, nothing is unrealistic. Many crypto currency supporters criticize the plans of world banks and release large money into circulation. Koronavirus is the biggest economic bomb in decades. The price of one BTC responded.


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