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Binance has a new CTO. He worked for Microsoft and other FinTech giants

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Rohit Wad, a former high-ranking employee of Microsoft and other Silicon Valley giants, has become the new face of Binance’s largest cryptocurrency exchange.

Rohit Wad, who has worked for Microsoft for 30 years and also for some time with other FinTech giants, becomes the new Chief Technology Officer of Binance. This is happening at a time when this platform is doing everything possible to get rid of the label of the cryptocurrency exchange, which has bad or unsatisfactory relations with regulators and at the same time wants cryptocurrencies to get into the real mainstream economy through it. Accepting Wada as CTO seems to be key to achieving this goal.

“Wad will be responsible for developing scalable, convenient and fast Web3 services and solutions. It will lead our team to create products that will bring mass cryptocurrency and lower the barrier to entry into Web3 technologies. ” Binance said about this news.

Rohit Wad began his career at Microsoft in the 1990s, where he played an important role in building software products such as Excel and Bing. He later worked at Google and Facebook to return to Microsoft in 2016, where he took over the role of corporate vice president of products and engineering.

Binance chief Changpeng Zhao recently announced that his company is interested in starting to diversify its investment portfolio beyond the cryptosector. Proof of this was the purchase of a stake in Forbes magazine for 200 million euros. Wad’s arrival as CTO could mean that Binance will start looking for other investment opportunities.

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