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Binance introduces its own card

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Binance introduces its own card

One of the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchanges, Binance, announced its own Binance Card. Online purchases can be paid using cryptocurrencies.


Crypto exchange Binance announced on its official website a new service for online shopping or payment bills. The Binance Card provides everything a classic debit card provided by a bank.


The card can be top up via the mobile application in the form of Bitcoin or BNB token. When making a payment, the card will use the balance and automatically deduct it from the card’s cryptocurrency wallet.


For this card you will need the Bitcoin Card App, where the user will be able to manage their funds, buy cryptocurrencies, secure their account and control expenses. The application is currently in testing.


The Binance Card is issued by the worldwide known payment company Visa. Buying and paying with cryptocurrencies will be much better with this cooperation. For now, the card is still in beta testing. According to the official website, the card will be available soon.




Coinbase or has already announced its own crypto currency payment card. However, this is a very optimistic message, because not only users of the Binance cryptocurrency exchange will be able to use a cryptocurrency credit card to make online purchases or pay bills.

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