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Binance launches huge mining pool for all!

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Binance launches huge mining pool for all!

Apparently CEO Binance is never resting, so Changpeng Zhao announced the launch of a huge project to create the Binance Mining Pool.


Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao announced news on his Twitter account. Immediately he met with great mistrust, because 1st April is very popular in the world and a little respite will not miss the leaders of large corporations as well.

However, CZ immediately specified that it was not a joke.


He also added a photo to his tweet in which he was interviewed by Chinese people on the live stream. Despite this, his news didn’t find a positive reserve and he had to issue another tweet immediately that it was not a joke.


For its horrible timing for such a big novelty, CZ earned a rebuke from a number of commentators. First April is not an ideal time to announce such important news and breakthrough reports.


Good investment, isn´t it? BNB, New Mining Pool is a strong fundamet I think.

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