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Binance Smart Chain ignores user requests – thousands of developers have criticized

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Binance Smart Chain faces widespread criticism from several dissatisfied users. What’s up with the network?

Binance Smart Chain

An anonymous blockchain expert kaber2 who appears under the pseudonym GitHub was the first to express sharp criticism. He described a number of issues that network users simply could not be satisfied with.

“It’s rarely seen anything dealt with so unprofessionally.”

A few days ago, on November 16, kaber2 published a list of seven points of criticism that were directed to the address of the popular network Binance Smart Chain.

According to a blockchain expert, no code revision is available. In the case of problems, it is therefore very difficult to find out which commit is to resolve the discrepancies. Another important shortcoming is the lack of a beta version during development BSC. With each new update, the problems get worse. Thousands of developers are constantly complaining about the same issues, which the development team is ignoring.

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The aforementioned critic also mentioned the increase in block size with reduced time. The team of developers accused with the so-called. Cash grab.

“The Binance network wanted to do a quick hack to collect some money, but it is not willing to expand its resources to make the network work properly.”

Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong and OKEx’s Jau Hao previously accused the Binance team of centralizing the smart contracts ecosystem.

Kaber2 has revealed that his portfolio contains up to 4,000 BNB tokens in total approximately $ 2.35 million. Based on criticism, he considers destroying these coins.

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