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Binance Smart Chain Upgrade, on November 30 the real time burn of $ BNB starts

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From the parts of Binance you never sleep. Particularly when it comes to operating on the Binance Smart Chain, a project that continues to evolve and in particular to improve its functionality.

In Bruno Upgrade, a new hardfork which should take place next November 30, will be several updates, which can actually make a difference both for those who use this protocol and for those who have invested on BNB.

Upgrade Bruno – v1.1.5: all the news

When we talk about Binance Smart Chain we are necessarily talking about one of the best performing and most used blockchains in the crypto world today. 14 million transactions even within the same day, a new record that was recorded less than 48 hours ago and growing number of users and projects. A force that, even in terms of marketcap, begins to rival ETH.

Thanks to Bruno v1.1.5, yet another hard fork which will insert a burning in real time, move on to a subsequent phase of the protocol, which will become more decentralized.

  • Burning real time: what does it mean?

It means that part of the BNB which are used as fee, i.e. as commissions, they will not return to the validators, but will be sent to wallet inaccessible to anyone – and therefore lost forever. It is a deflationary mechanism that is already used by several networks – as in the case of ETH – and that it will offer upward pressure on the price of BNB.

  • 60% faster node sync

With the growing acceptance of BSC came the urgent need for a lightweight synchronization protocol to reduce hardware requirements.

How to prepare: do we have to do something?

No. Whether we are managers or users of projects hosted by the network, or if we are investors in Binance Coin. The upgrade will be completely painless. Different speech instead for the nodes and their operators. These in fact will have to update to version 1.1.5, code name Bruno, as soon as possible, thus avoiding being out of line with the rest of the network. It will be, as in the past, an otherwise painless transition.

With a little gem that we point out before saying goodbye: the pace at which they will come destroyed BNB will be decided according to the model of governance proper to the protocol, and therefore in a decentralized manner. An important step forward for BSC, which must free itself from excessive centralization both in terms of development and validation.

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All content in this article is for informational purposes only and in no way serves as investment advice. Investing in cryptocurrencies, commodities and stocks is very risky and can lead to capital losses.

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