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Bitcoin becomes a political issue in USA

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Ron DeSantis has officially thrown his hat in the ring for the 2024 presidential election. Over 500,000 listeners attended the event moderated by Elon Musk and accompanied by technical problems Twitter space switched on. Also topic in it: Bitcoin. The current governor of Florida wants to scale back the regulatory approaches of the Biden government when he is elected. He remains critical of central bank digital currencies (CBDCs).

DeSantis for loose crypto regulation

DeSantis used the stage in the Twitter space to stir up sentiment against the Biden government’s anti-crypto course. “The only reason people in Washington don’t like bitcoin is because they can’t control it.” The cryptocurrency would be over-regulated by the government, which DeSantis said would be made up of “central planners” who “want to control society.”

“I just don’t feel like controlling everything people do in this space and I think the current government is clearly targeting bitcoin.” Bitcoin poses a “threat” to the current government, if re-elected it would “probably end up killing the crypto sector”.

Bitcoin becomes a political issue

The hour-long discussion made it clear: DeSantis is making Bitcoin a political issue in the election campaign. The Republican is considered a Bitcoin advocate. Corresponding laws have been relaxed in the Sunshine State. As president, he will continue to “protect the ability to do things like bitcoin,” the 44-year-old said.

Control versus freedom: DeSantis uses the topic of crypto to place political battle terms. As governor of Florida, he signed legislation banning the use of central bank digital currencies within the state. These encouraged “government-sanctioned surveillance,” the politician explained.

DeSantis is considered a hardliner, even among Republicans. In the Twitter space he railed against the shift to the left under the Biden government and a “woken rabble”. In the race for the presidential candidacy, he played a good hand with his ultra-conservative views. There could be a race between him and ex-President Trump in the primaries.

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