May 16, 2021


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Bitcoin is better than stock indices. But is it safe in an uncertain time?

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Bitcoin is better than stock indices. But is it safe in an uncertain time?

This is the first quarter of this year, which has brought many interesting findings. It turned out, for example, that Bitcoin, although far from being the only cryptocurrency invested in, did far better than US stock indices, which are popular with investors mainly in times of crisis.


In particular, the well-known cryptocurrency performed better than the S & P500 index, which has long been one of the most preferred investments. However, the question arises whether Bitcoin is a safe investment in the current uncertain time despite a good quarter.


In the last quarter, although Bitcoin weakened by about 10 percent, on the other hand, he did much better than the US index, which lost twice its value. Even the US index Dow Jones, which lost twenty-three percent, failed. The reason for the dangerous fluctuations is mainly the currently spreading new type of coronavirus, which in the coming months will not only change the world of cryptocurrencies, but will alter the whole world of investments.


Is Bitcoin a safe investment?


Bitcoin is now referred to as an investment that is going through a test. So it cannot be said 100% whether or not it is a safe investment at the present uncertain time. However, it can be assumed that thanks to the very unstable first months of the year, the digital gold that Bitcoin is called can surprise. If the market is still under increased pressure, digital gold could become a certainty. Analysts are also of the opinion. He believes that the latest figures point to a possible shift of Bitcoin to the top of a safe and interesting investment. However, it is a question, as the investors themselves will assess.


After gold comes Bitcoin


According to many experts, gold is a safe investment in an uncertain time, but right behind this commodity is digital gold in the form of Bitcoin. In the near future, the base of this cryptocurrency could grow even further, although Bitcoin is still lagging behind gold. According to analysts, the following months will change everything, and digital gold may be more powerful than conventional gold.

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