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Bitcoin is slumping, but this known cryptocurrency surpasses ATH

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Bitcoin is slumping, but this known cryptocurrency surpasses ATH

ChainLink (LINK) becomes a favorite of every crypto currency investor. While BTC falls, LINK scores tens of percent. Twitter is full of rumors about partnership with Google and Microsoft. What will be the prediction for ChainLink?. What will be the prediction for ChainLink?


Prediction for ChainLink: Commentators agree that it is unstoppable


The last weeks have been pretty wild for cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin touched $ 10,500 and then turned toward $ 8800. Almost all cryptocurrencies fell with him. Of those upstream, LINK was most impressive on investors.


Along with the BTC, this altcoin was particularly impressive. Adds tens of percent and there is no indication that he should slow down.


Crypto commentator Michael called for interest in the popular cryptocurrency the day before yesterday. Yesterday, cryptocurrency managed to outperform ATH and set off for price discovery.


This altcoin acts as a chain between a blockchain and an established network of individual companies. So it helps to integrate blockchain technology with some Google services through its oracles technology.



Oracle can transmit countless information that it writes to blockchain, but at the same time leads from another service. For example, the weather in your city, the stock price of a company, or the outcome of a football match. Thanks to this connection it offers an infinite number of uses.

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